At the end of 2022, City Space Architecture signed an agreement with the Municipality of Bologna – Porto Saragozza Neighbourhood, within the framework of the regulation for the care and regeneration of urban commons, to manage the public green area located in front of Museo Spazio Pubblico.

With this agreeement City Space Architecture will be in charge of the renovation of the green infrastructure, in collaboration with Bergonzini Vivai, and the activation of the public area through art events and creative practices. The agreement will stay in place till September 2024.

This way the indoor (private) space of the Museum is expanded through an outdoor (public) area. The Garden is intended as an opportunity to develop community engagement, through physical interaction after the long period of isolation and confinement during the COVID-19 pandemic. The project is centered around the notion of “environment, biodiversity and climate crisis” and will develop a process to foster awareness and co-creation of nature-based solutions in urban settings. The aim is to engage community members of different ages, cultural backgrounds and interests, together with researchers and scholars, local and regional stakholders, artists and curators and to promote innovation in knowledge and thinking on urban nature, stressing the artistic component of the intervention.

The Garden will include several interventions from Italian and international artists who will contribute to the develooment of art-based interventions addressing climate issues. Art events in the garden are developed within the A-Place project co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union, as part of the placemaking action ‘A Resilient Place’.

The Garden is located at the opposite side of the area along via Curiel where City Space Architecture implemented the first-ever parklet in Bologna, as a placemaking temporary activity during the COVID-19 pandemic (2020-21).

Before (left) / After (right).