Fieldwork:Rules of conduct is a an exhibition documenting the performative fieldwork conducted in public spaces of Graz (Austria), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Saint Etienne (France), Bologna (Italy) and Bilbao (Spain). The artwork employs photography and the moving image to capture performances by the artist in public spaces containing iconography used to control pedestrian movement through the space. The artist highlights the human figure with hazard tape as a provocation questioning the urban condition.

The artwork forms part of a 2019 International Specialised Skills Fellowship, based in Australia, awarded to the artist.

‘The stripe is not disorder;
it is sign of disorder and a means of restoring order.
The stripe is not exclusion;
it is a mark of exclusion and an attempt at re integration.’ 

Pastoureau (2003)

Fieldwork:Rules of conduct / Grace Leone at Museo Spazio Pubblico, 25 January – 1 February 2020. The opening took place on the occasion of ART CITY White Night.

Grace Leone is an artist, designer, educator and curator who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Leone brings together a range of fine art disciplines with extensive architectural knowledge to create works that question the relationship between art, the body, perception and public space in evocative concepts. Leone teaches creative practice across schools within the College of Design and Social Context at RMIT University. Works include ‘Skypetrait: Transcontinental Faces & Spaces’ at the Goethe Open Space in Shanghai, China (2015) and Städtische Galerie Reutlingen, Germany (2016). Her interventions concern the urban condition as understood through the reception of architecture’s language and image, while her object-based practice relates to a real time engagement between the body and city spaces.
Leone curated Urban Animators: Living Laboratory public art program (2015-2017) designed to integrate practical art interventions into RMIT’s New Academic Street construction site.
Currently this research has developed into URBAN AGENCY, a living laboratory that engages with pedagogy led practice based research exploring the role of creative arts in the interpretation and expression of the changing face of the city.
PhD candidate in RMIT School of Architecture and Design, Master of Arts (Art in Public Space) Distinction, RMIT University (2017); Diploma of Engineering Technology Jewellery, NMIT (2012); Bachelor of Architecture (Honours) RMIT University (1997).

Read more about Grace Leone’s work on:
Leone, G. (2018) “Application to Occupy”, The Journal of Public Space, 3(1), pp. 103-108.