The Italian artist Yari Miele developed a site-specific installation at Museo Spazio Pubblico and a temporary public work at the adjacent public garden on the occasion of Arte Fiera, in February 2023.

Yari Miele, Museo Spazio Pubblico, 2-12 February 2023. Picture by Elettra Giulia Bastoni.

Curatorial statement by Marcello Tedesco, MTN – Museo Temporaneo Navile.

Yari Miele’s research is made up of subtle relational links between physical and mental forces, so it perfectly embodies the vocation of Museo Spazio Pubblico to work on the creation of a new way of thinking and mind-set about the city and its spaces, approached in a democratic and inclusive perspective. Places are intended to be both physical and mental, and are conceived for the community and its needs, so that relational exchange and dialogue are favored and encouraged by proximity infrastructures designed by artists and professionals. In this way, art ceases to be a niche phenomenon for the elites and embraces the complexity of public life and the city, creating an unprecedented osmosis.

Light is the medium and the theme through which Yari Miele creates a complex and astonishing chain of relationships between the work, the environment and the public realm. Through reflective fabrics, phosphorescence and fluorescence phenomena, he makes the beauty of a world visible and experienceable, within which all forces are in perfect balance, in an incessant and harmonious dynamism. His work, based on the understanding of how the archetypal forces of light and darkness act, has the power to act profoundly on the imaginary, pushing the observer to accelerate their perceptive processes, towards new territories.
The sculpture in the garden summarizes the artist’s tendency to include the observer in the creative process, thus exponentially multiplying the relationship between the work and the environment: suspended between two imposing fir trees, a two-metre volume, modeled in aluminum and covered with a special reflective fabric, is activated by the public when they illuminate it with the torch of their phones.

According to Yari Miele, “the reflection that is created between one’s own body, the art work and the surrounding environment sets in motion complex spatial and emotional relationships. My intent is to lead the observer to relate in a new and unexpected way with his own inner world by setting unknowable forces in a transformation process that starts from the individual and reaches the entire social body”.

Yari Miele, The Garden of Museo Spazio Pubblico, 4 February 2023. Opening on the occasion of the ART CITY White Night. Picture by Elettra Giulia Bastoni.