The term anti-monument reveals the contemporary need to formulate expressions that give meaning to alternative ideas and practices related to the monumental tradition. A process that finds confirmation in the recent academic literature teeming with terms aimed at identifying a new type of monument, defined as counter-monument, non-monument or anti-monument, and often used as synonyms to present oppositional approaches with respect to subjects, forms , to traditional places, values and experiences.
If the monument glorifies a person or event, anti-monuments commemorate weakness rather than strength and their form contrasts with traditional design and persistence. The monument has a prominent and separate position from the space of everyday life; on the other hand, the anti-monuments blend into the urban fabric and invite the community to a bodily encounter. in collaboration with TIST – This Is So Temporary – situation

Michele Liparesi / Oltre il Monumento, Museo Spazio Pubblico, 29 April – 22 May 2022