We are glad to announce the collaboration of Museo Spazio Pubblico with RMIT University, Master of Arts – Art in Public Space, an innovative education and research degree that encourages active collaboration between art and design practitioners and the community.


Propositions for Public Space Multimedia exhibition

This iteration features the works of eleven artists and candidates undertaking the Masters of Art – Art in Public Space at RMIT University’s School of Art, in Melbourne (Australia) responding to the COVID-19 world.
It  began as an investigation of public space during one of the many COVID 19 lockdowns experienced in Melbourne in 2021. Artists were invited to think about instructions they might develop for people to think about public space in a range of creative ways. The first iteration of the instructions were text-based and exhibited in our studio windows as a kind of creative offering to the world. Candidates then developed works for projection. What you experience each night on the interior walls of the Public Space Museum are the resolved works, some instructions are quite abstract and some very literal. 

Featured artists: Debra Batton, Julie Konda, Billy Raffin, Neryhs Woo, Vivienne Halat, Dyann Fang, Debra Lemcke, Rani Amvrazis, Clara Chan, Jah Smith, Isabella Huang.

Supervisor: Fiona Hillary

Debra Lemcke / Propositions for Public Space, Museo Spazio Pubblico, 13 October – 3 November 2021