The installation ABSCHIEDSELEGIEN [Wunder und Wunden / Farewell Elegies], was conceived as a synaesthetic set of sounds and archetypal images: the City, the Machine, the Acceleration, the Industrial Landscape, etc. (the visual apparatus of contemporary world, which has now become an immense Atopia), combined and alternated with lyrical visions of natural or classical elements from the “vast garden of Europe”. In short, a kind of contemplation and a poignant farewell to the world we have known so far, which is under the process of a radical and irreversible mutation.

The cycle – the result of the work of the latest three years – consists of 12 short videos, and was to be showed in spring 2020, when the advent of Covid-19 blocked its release.

Fabrizio Passarella / ABSCHIEDSELEGIEN [Wunder und Wunden], Museo Spazio Pubblico, 11-14 November 2021