On November 24 – December 5, 2022, Museo Spazio Pubblico hosted the third edition of the Film Festival Urban Visions, Beyond the Ideal City, promoted by City Space Architecture in the framework of A-Place.Linking places through networked artistic practices, co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.

Museo Spazio Pubblico hosted screenings of a curatorial selection of all films in competition (available for free during the days of the Festival on the streaming platform visioniurbane.stream), the screening of two films out of competition, such as “Gionatan con la G” with the Italian director Gianluca Santoni and “Terre Mutate” with Italian director Alessandro Marinelli, the Italian premiere of the Ukrainian film “What Shall We Do With These Buildings?” by Jonathan Ben-Shaul and a talk to discuss the short film La città dentro with Anna de Manincor.

The week after the Festival, Museo Spazio Pubblico hosted a workshop and a series of screenings of independent films produced and distributed by OpenDDB, such as:

IMPA the city, by Diego Scarponi (2020)
La pancia verde, by Ferdinando Amato (2021)
La bataille de la Plaine, by Sandra Ach, Nicolas Burlaud, Thomas Hakenholz (2020)
Sarura, by Nicola Zambelli (2022), 80 minuti
Confine | Umanità, by Sara Del Dot, Carlotta Marrucci (2020)
Shuluq, by Martina De Polo (2018)
#387, by Madeleine Leroyer (2019)
–  Ghiaccio, by Tomaso Clavarino (2019)

All events were open to the public and free of charge.

The trailer of the 2022 edition of the Urban Visions Film Festival is an art work by Gianluca Abbate.