The art work has been developed after a public event: the explosion in Borgo Panigale on 6 August 2018 of a tanker on the Bologna motorway junction. The accident occurred simultaneously with the occurrence of a personal episode of D’Argenio: the first kiss and the birth of the relationship with C. in the shade of a maple in the area known as “300 steps” (Parco del San Pellegrino). In the dichotomous relationship between Eros and Thanatos, nature and artifice, the two cardinals that the artist decides to place on the map of the city of Bologna are the same elements that hold the fil rouge of the story: the field maple plant and the point of the explosion. Two “hair” that looked at each other from a distance and that in the same instant generated a deflagration.

Vincenzo D’Argenio / Deflagrazione Artist’s Cut, Museo Spazio Pubblico, 29 July – 27 August 2021